Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Early Morning Breezes

Last night's Daily Show guest was Dolly Parton, who I adore. I had always liked her voice but I had underestimated her talent until I got a copy of her album Jolene. It has the most delightful songs. I think I can be forgiven for missing the album until a couple of years ago since it came out shortly after was born. It includes a song that basically captures my own brand of prayer called Early Morning Breeze.
I open up my door to greet the early morning sun
Closing it behind me and away I do run
To the meadow where the meadow lark is singing in the tree
In the meadow I go walking in the early morning breeze
I cup my hands to catch a multi-colored butterfly
Perched upon the petals of flowers growing wild
Freeing it I watch it as it flies away from me
To visit with the flowers in the early morning breeze
And in case you doubt her song-writing prowess, remember that the album included I Will Always Love You. Yes, the same song that Whitney took back to the top of the charts about 15 years later.

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