Saturday, September 17, 2005

Weasels in Elephant Clothing

Tell me, which creature sounds more like the modern GOP to YOU?
The long-tailed weasel is a solitary animal, except during mating season. It lives in the abandoned burrows other mammals, in rotting logs or under tree roots or rocks. Its nest is made of grass and leaves and lined with fur. The long-tailed weasel is most active in the night, but it also comes out in the day. It does not hibernate. The long-tailed weasel can climb trees and it is a good swimmer. It uses lots of different vocalizations including squeals, squeaks, trills and purrs. It also releases a strong smelling musk during mating season and when it is frightened. It is very aggressive when its territory is invaded.
As social animals, elephants live in small herds made up of females and their calves, led by the oldest and most experienced female, known as the matriarch. The herd works together to protect and nurture the calves. Males live either in bachelor herds, or alone, joining the females only to mate. Elephants are extremely intelligent and display complex social behavior. In some cases they appear to experience emotions similar to humans. For example, if a member of the herd dies, family members may cover the body with twigs and leaves and sometimes stay with it to mourn the loss, often for hours on end. Females have been known to carry the body of a dead calf for days before laying it to rest.
Whoa, back off Rove. I can smell your musk. And you guys, Rush and O'Reilly, stop squeaking at me.

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