Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Reflections on Autonomy

So that it wouldn't get completely lost in the archives, here's something from the comments for Liberal Values Part II: Autonomy of the Individual.

Thoughts That Get Stuck In YOUR Head

Gravatar If liberals are synonymous with "taking responsibility for ourselves", why the adamant liberal support for welfare programs?

Just something to think about.

Gravatar I believe in welfare programs to the extent that there are those who CANNOT take care of themselves. The issues come from people who WILL NOT take care of themselves, and that is really the area of greatest curiousity for me.

The thing that is interesting about this belief in independence/responsibility to me is that my conservative friends and I agree right up to the point where I interject that I/we have some responsibility for those who cannot take care of themselves. Then I really stagger them when I propose that for some of the ones who will not, they may need some help - training, etc. I think I see the word "responsibility" as being much bigger than they do - it is my responsibility to society as well my responsibility to take care of myself.

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