Wednesday, March 9, 2005

For All The States I've Loved Before

Same color coding as my text one (live in orange, have lived in purple, been to blue). Thanks to Matt for inspiring me to finish my map. I am NOT a geography nerd. I am, in fact, geographically challenged. Pursuit of the little blue pie piece has killed many a trivia game for me.

I should know my geography. When I started college I wrote an essay titled "I've Lived More Places Than I Have Years". For some insight, the starting and ending state are the same. And the college I wrote that essay in is located in the same town I live in now (17 years later). I would draw the squiggles of moving place to place, but it would definitely mess up the map.

I can see that I have plenty more states to visit, especially to the north. And I'm not quite sure that Texas really counts as a place that I have "lived" since it was just one summer and we were in Texarkana. But we had planned to stay and I received mail there. Consider it a very blue purple.
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