Monday, February 21, 2005

Save Everything

You may remember that I'm a member of SaveDisney. I also believe in saving the whales, the owls, and when asked if I want a bag always demur with, "Save the Planet". I even inspired my brother once to write a song called "Don't Crush the Crustaceans". This, however, proves that I just feel the need to save things even if I don't particularly care for them.

I feel the need to support SaveEnterprise. Why? Well, I'm a Trekkie from way back. I think I've had a thing for Spock since before I could walk. I was never particularly for or against Enterprise. When it came on (oddly enough in September of 2001) I thought that it didn't suck as badly as it could have, but I also don't rush home to watch it every week. In fact, I'm not entirely sure what night it is on.

But don't take this as a measure of complete disinterest. We now live in the age of DVDs. I love "Monk". I don't watch it (except for the rare all day Monk-fest). I plan to just buy seasons worth on DVD. We really like "Carnivale", but it's impossible to keep up with. DVD. Although Star Trek DVDs are insanely expensive I assume that eventually I will own them all because, well, I'm a Trekkie. That's what we do. (All of them except Voyager. Voyager is dead to me. Speak not its name.) Heck, I'm sitting here next to my Mr. Spock Hallmark Keepsake Ornament. Since I just got it from E-Bay recently it has not been entered into the Star Trek shrine downstairs yet. I'm on the email list for the Las Vegas Hilton that has the Star Trek Experience. Can't they bank on DVD sales from me? I realize that it's a business - yadda, yadda - and they want ratings to sell advertising. But I think that the 'new' way of watching shows - TiVo, DVD, etc. means that the studios and producers should worry about creating shows that will 'last' which means *gasp* quality. And where can you find a larger cash cow than freaking Star Trek nuts? Even when we don't like something we have to have one to complete the set. (Yes, that means that at some indeterminate point in the future I may end up owning the full series of That Which Shall Not Be Named. But I will NOT put it on one of the top shelves of the shrine. I will not!)

Meanwhile, Rick Berman is going to bring us this.

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