Friday, December 3, 2004

In Peeps We Trust

Sure, we may all be going to hell in a handbasket, but there is something about a morning of latte and good conversation that makes the trip bearable. The hat must be tipped to Zift Pryme for creating the Friday Morning Liberal Coffee. Maybe next Friday we'll sip latte and go joy-riding in Volvos for kicks.

Speaking of cars, I've been thinking about my stickers a lot lately. I've peeled the John Kerry stickers off of my car but left my Howard Dean sticker on. Basically I've started to feel a little more paranoid (what could be worse than a bunch of right-wingers hopped up on the 'rightousness' of their 'mandate' after the election?) and I'm willing to go down fighting for Dean, but not for FrankenKerry. I will admit that I did start to respect Kerry quite a bit more when I researched him, but I still don't particularly like him, and I'm not taking a beat down for him. Meanwhile, I made the rare stop by Whole Foods yesterday and that was the first time in awhile that I felt among my people (I was between a Weed/Kerry car and a Save the Bay/Weed car). Apparently I need to shop there more just to feel like I'm normal.

Which brings me to another subject. Seattle. We visited in 2002 and we really liked it. I'm considering that it might be enjoyable to live in a very 'blue' area for awhile. Thoughts? I still think I need to get residence in Ohio or Floriday by 2008 so that we can leverage the value of our votes.

Before I run off let me say that Nevsky, professor extraordinaire in Russian languages and literature, is considering seeking another position. If you've heard of anything that the Nev would be interested in, please pass it on. Hopefully somewhere in or around Virginia so that we can still have coffee from time to time.

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