Saturday, October 16, 2004

Redeem Darth Nader

So I was thinking about how Ralph Nader is on the ballot in all of these states, and it was making me pretty mad. He killed the 2000 elections for Al Gore. He's gotten funding from the Republican machine for this election. Grrrrr.

Then I had a moment of blinding insight. Let Nader take votes away from Commander Bunnypants this time.

A lot of Republicans who can't stand Bush also can't stand the thought of voting for Kerry and/or a Democrat. Many of these people also can't stand the thought of not voting - it's their civic duty.

We just need to popularize the thought that a vote for Ralph Nader is a vote for no confidence in George Bush. I'm not worried about Kerry not carrying the election anymore. He's going to win. Making it common knowledge that votes for Nader equal votes of no confidence from Republicans for Bush would be that extra rub on the face when Nader pulls 1-3% (maybe more under this plan?) in the states he's on the ballot for. While Bush pulls puny numbers.

Equating Nader to malcontent Republicans would probably also force the die-hard Greens into making a rational vote - Kerry will protect the environment a hell of a lot more than Bush. Don't waste your vote on someone who can't help you. If you want a Green influence in Washington, DC, start with the House and Senate.

Is it a plan?

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  1. Haha. So, Kerry's "gonna win." You're "sure" of that? Well, he didn't, and we all know Nader was not a factor in 2004 (thanks to a great degree to the Demo. Party's court actions to take him off the ballots illegally). So Kerry didn't win and Nader had nothing to do with it. Kerry probably would have won by a slim margin if Bush hadn't stolen Ohio, but you have to wonder why the Dems and Repubs get equal numbers of votes. Are we really that polarized as a country, or could it be that we have two parties which we can't tell apart enough to decide on one? I think the latter.