Saturday, October 9, 2004

Chocolate The Consuming Passion

With the debates tonight I think that An Old Soul had a good idea of posting some nice chocolate recipes. Comfort food for these last, harrowing days.

When I found this recipe for Cappuccino Flats I thought, "I totally have to try those". I haven't made them yet, but maybe I will put them on the menu for the Liberal Nest we will be hosting at our house on November 2nd. Yes, a safe place to watch the election results with supportive friends around. Although caffeine may sound like a bad choice for a group of nervous election watchers, I figure we can bust them out when the results start being questioned. If it's anything like 2000 we will have days to be sleepless.

By the way, Chocolate the Consuming Passion is my favorite book EVER. And this is from a person who loves many, many books very, very much.

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