Friday, September 24, 2004

Maybe It's Insanity?

I figure a conversation with a crazy person goes something like this: You're sitting there having a nice chat when suddenly they say with authority, "... and that's why the aliens came to my house and took me to their homeworld where I was beaten with fish." After a few moments when they haven't laughed you realize that they are completely serious and start to develop your exit plan.

To me, this bears a similarity to conversations between the Left and the Right. (I almost typed Liberals and Conservatives - but no one who spends money or wastes resources like our current Far Right should be called a conservative.) The really, really weird part is that in the Left/Right conversation BOTH OF THEM THINK THE OTHER IS THE CRAZY ONE. How can this be? Are we all stuck in some sort of National asylum? Does each side leave the table muttering under their breath: "...thinks he was abducted by aliens..." "...thinks he's Hitler..."

Since I can't go to my parent's house until after the election because of this sort of disconnect I'm interested in why it's happening.

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