Thursday, September 9, 2004

Follow the Money

When I worked in DC the Deputy CFO of our organization had a great poster in her office. It said, "It took an accountant to catch Al Capone" and had a big picture of Capone himself. When I tell people that my degree is in accounting they figure that my job is *yawn* boooooring. But the investigative side of finance is juicy stuff. The FBI hires accountants all the time.

So I found this article about how Kerry was involved in breaking a corrupt bank very interesting. Why hasn't this information been trumpeted from the rooftops?

Kerry developed a very different record of accomplishment--one often as vital, if not more so, than passage of bills. Kerry's probe didn't create any popular new governmental programs, reform the tax code, or eliminate bureaucratic waste and fraud. Instead, he shrewdly used the Senate's oversight powers to address the threat of terrorism well before it was in vogue, and dismantled a key terrorist weapon. In the process, observers saw a senator with tremendous fortitude, and a willingness to put the public good ahead of his own career. Those qualities might be hard to communicate to voters via one-line sound bites, but they would surely aid Kerry as president in his attempts to battle the threat of terrorism.

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