Monday, September 13, 2004

Crimes Against Nature

Hopefully our fellow Americans will wake up and start judging Bush on his actual record instead of... well, whatever it is they can possibly judge him on that gives him decent poll numbers.

The Sierra Club gives us this handy list of over 300 Crimes Against Nature by the Bush Administration. If you run into someone who thinks that environmental concerns are a bunch of tree-hugging hippy crap then make sure to give the George Carlin spin to your argument. Don't worry about "Saving the Earth" - the Earth couldn't care less about what we're doing. Worry about saving the place where you live. Would you fill your house with nasty air and water? Would you risk throwing things so out of balance that your house could be destroyed - by diggin under it, covering it in litter, and changing the temperature so that it's unlivable? Sounds pretty stupid, doesn't it? Then say, "Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you little self-interested *bleep*." Maybe it will give them something to think about while they drive around in their SUVs.

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