Friday, July 2, 2004

American Subversives

You see them whispering among themselves. They seem to be up to something, holding furtive meetings and saying more through body language than they would ever commit to paper or even speech. They seek alternate news sources and sneak into movies like "Fahrenheit 9/11". They are planning an action in 2004 that they previously thought abhorent to them. But they have thought it through and they are resolved. When the time comes they will push the button, pull the lever, whatever it takes.

Who are they?


The ones who have the lost the faith and are going to vote ABB. They aren't just going to stay home in November. They are frustrated enough that they will go out and vote to get someone from their party out of office. Those of us with a liberal bent need to remember how traumatic this is for them. Most of them aren't naturally rebellious people. It's almost paramount to going to church and voting out God. They have lost their faith and are wandering in a political desert.

To a great extent the current administration shouldn't be worried about the Coalition of the Wild-Eyed. We may be loud and proud, and it is certainly necessary that we vote to be the underlying block, but the deciding factor will be the disillusioned. They want to hold this administration accountable.

Right now it really sucks to be a moderate Republican.

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