Monday, June 7, 2004

Certified 100% Polite

Just took another one of those darn addictive internet tests, The Wedding Etiquette Test. I got an A+.

    My results:
    Here comes the bride, short fat and... wait, you would never say that! You seem to have the utmost respect for the sacred vow of marriage, or at least recognize the importance couples place on their "big day". Emotions are often running high at these once-in-a-lifetime events and, in addition to your gown or swanky suit, you slip into your best behavior. An invitation, after all, means that your presence is appreciated, and you want to contribute to the warm and fuzzy feelings of the day by following all the rules of etiquette. Essentially, you are well-mannered and, even when tempted, put your own desires and motives aside for the sake of the bride and groom's bliss. This is the only way to be - good job!

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