Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Old is the New Young?

This sort of thing is driving me insane:

    Joe Trippi, architect of the Dean insurgency, went mining on the Internet and tapped into a mother lode of youthful discontent. Dean meetups spread across the country, much as be-ins and sit-ins had in other eras -- only the meetups were a lot nerdier. And Web-driven contributions poured in. Kids and little people frightened by the Bush Administration sent in their nickels and dimes, and Howard flew higher. (Ciro Scotti, Business Week Online, posted on MSNBC)

Youthful discontent? I think the median age at our meetups was around 40, and the attendees ranged from 18 to 80+. Discontent? Yes. Youthful? Only in our hearts. Because only a youthful heart can still have hope, and hope is what bound the Dean campaign together.

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