Saturday, January 10, 2004

Knock Me Over With a Phaser Set on Stun

There have always been certain principles in my life - things like gravity, no white shoes after labor day, and Coke being better than Pepsi. One of the other things I had accepted as a given in my personal universe was that Wil Wheaton sort of, well... irritated the crap out of me. This wasn't just a celebrity thing - he was in our town doing a film in the early 90s. Some of his co-stars won the love and admiration of the locals, so we were by no means pre-disposed to hate all of Hollywood. But then a funny thing happened on the way to the market....

You might remember that I'm a HUGE Disney fan. Ditto, maybe even times ten, on Star Trek. Classic Trek. (To quote Robert in Free Enterprise "I would never live in the 24th century! I f**ing HATE "The Next Generation". Only classic!" Well, maybe not quite that bad, but close.) I actually - no lie - got DRESSED UP for the last movie with Spock in it (1) because it was like an event for me. Back in the day it took me almost seven years to warm up to The Next Generation. Yeah, like it was going off the air and I was saying, "You know, this show isn't so bad." So ST:TNG stopped production, then faded from heavy syndication, and Wil Wheaton faded from my mind. Story became myth and myth became legend.

Then he started a blog.

Now, I don't know where he went or what he did or how everything worked out over the last ten years- but tonight I started reading his blog and I've got to say that the dude is cool. His stock rose a thousandfold with me. I was so impressed with his writing and thoughts and ideas that I dropped him an email even though I assumed it would never be read. Sometimes I just have to express my appreciation. I gave him the scope of my viewpoint so that he would know he had really changed my opinion of him. He wrote back. (2)  The dude is cool. Anyone who says otherwise has to deal with me.

6/21/2010 Update:
(1) Ok, so it wasn't the last movie with Spock in it. We just thought it was going to be. Based on this logic Spock may be immortal. But the point is I put on a little black dress, heels, and pearls. *ubergeek*
(2) Wil included his now famous (but not yet at that point) tag line about not being a dick.

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