Saturday, November 15, 2003

Dean for prez, definitely. Clark for Veep? Now THAT's the stuff.

For some reason, probably a by-product of dissertation-producing adrenaline (yeah, CmdrSue, I'll get right back on it after this), I've become convinced that the best way to get Dubya Q. Cokesniffer out of office is to go with a Dean/Clark ticket.

Why, do you ask? Well, the news that Clark's going to accept matching funds will mean that he's not going to have the bankroll to take on Bush in the pre-convention electoral season, and probably will be outspent 4-1. But why don't I just reprint what I entered in the Dean blog:

Re: Clark as VP

Of course, I'm a committed Deaniac, and if Dean is banana ice cream with whipped cream and hot fudge, then Clark is the cherry, but let me make a few pitches for Clark as Veep.

First of all, I think Clark as Dem nominee wouldn't work, because he hasn't shown strength outside the South, his campaign his been woefully underperforming, and his acceptance of matching funds means that if he is the nominee he going to get crushed by Bush's 3-1 spending advantage (could end up being 4-1).

But Clark has been the best Dem since Graham to go after Bush on the national security issue; he's been hammering that Bush's lack of leadership has hurt us on the war of terror, and he's gotten in some great lines. When Bush blamed the "Mission Accomplished" banner on the sailors, his response was "Did the sailors tell him to wear that flight suit and prance around on the aircraft carrier?"

As Dean's veep, he bolsters Dean in the South, he gets to hammer Bush and Cheney with the benefit of our grassroots, and he won't be giving Cheney a footrub at their debate like a certain senator whose name rhymes with Schmoe Bleiberman.

Dean's got the best shot at beating Bush of all the Dems, but the addition of Clark as wingman would make Dean an even more potent force. And since Clark/Dean have been very light on each other during this campaign season to date I'm thinking they realize they fit together as well...

Fine, you say, what about Clark/Dean? Doesn't work as well, Dean just brings his negatives as veep, so if Clark does win it, he'll have to choose someone else (Gephardt?)

Of course, if Clark DOES manage to win the Dem primary, to me it'll be like getting a Gamecube for Christmas. Slightly disappointed it's not an Xbox, but it won't stop from playing into the morning...

BTW, I'm in my thirties, I'm just very, very immature.

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