Thursday, October 9, 2003

Mellow Greetings, Citizen. What is Your Boggle?
Proving God Has a Sense of Humor

What did you say, Nevsky? "Oh, screw it. I don't live there." Well, Orrin Hatch has a nasty little surprise for you. Sort of like finding nuclear sludge at the bottom of your Christmas stocking. What is it? S.J. 15. If you don't like reading straight up congressional bills, has a great page where he pulls together the text of the bill, some articles, and a little commentary. Basically the bill is a proposal for a constitutional amendment changing that pesky little requirement for United States Presidents to be born here. Hatch would like to change the requirement to be 20 year citizens. How does this relate to Ahnuld? The Salt Lake Tribune says, "While the measure was not introduced with Schwarzenegger in mind, Hatch said the Austrian-born superstar would be a perfect example of why the constitutional amendment is needed."


Sorry, that was me falling on the floor. Remember a couple of weeks back when I said that we were waking up from loony land? I apologize. I was completely wrong. We have walked through the glass darkly, we have drunk the potion, we have gone down the rabbit hole, we are strangers in a strange land, we are.... how shall I say this? COMPLETELY POOCH SCREWED! I love science fiction but one of my basic tenets is that anything, ANYTHING that takes us a step closer to making it a reality is probably a bad thing. In case you missed it, the movie "Demolition Man" makes a reference to a Constitutional Amendment that allowed Ahnuld to become president. (In the movie it was number 61 I think but in reality this might be somewhere in the high twenties.) When life starts to imitate art - especially a Sly Stallone film - I begin to wonder if it is time to move to a deserted island....

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