Friday, August 1, 2003


Welcome to the online, real time, updated whenever the heck I feel like it BlogSpot of CmdrSue. Grab a soda, take a seat, and get comfortable. Right this minute I feel like I have a lot to say. But it's probably fueled by three cups of coffee and too much time spent on news websites in the wee hours. In case you came to this post to get an idea of who I am, let me cover that stuff for you.

CmdrSue (Commander Sue London) is actually my alter ego, created 20 years ago. I made the Commander up as a character for my series of Star Trek spoof short stories starring myself (as First Officer, Science Officer, and All Around Fun Chick) and all of my friends. Yes, that's right. I'm a bona fide GEEK. Really, there's a test. I am. A Major Geek, in fact. Check it out at I've accepted it and learned to live a fairly normal life. I still love to come up with campy, humorous stories and my sister, CmdrTal, and I will giggle long into the night over them.

In real life, where my name is still Sue, I'm actually a systems accountant and projects manager. In that capacity I've worked in both Federal and State government. Public service appeals to me because I need a higher purpose in my work. I love knowing that the end game of my work isn't profit but useful service for my fellow citizens. No, I'm not kidding. Some of us public servants actual get the warm fuzzies over that. Before my 'professional career' I spent some time working in restaurants and at the mall. I was also involved in two business start-ups because my Mom loves to start a business. (Three start-ups if you count the one when I was 7 years old, but I didn't do much for that one. Cleaned some shelves, I think...)

What I hope to do in this Blog is bring my humor, insight, and perspective to the events around us. I have been inspired by those Bloggers who have gone before me, including my brother the ZooKeeper ( who is also known to me as Captain Dave (oh Captain, my Captain!). So from here I will go forth and blogify. These are the voyages of the Blogger CmdrSue. My mission, to seek out signs of intelligent life in our news, our society, and our email. To boldly go... right where all the other Bloggers are going. :)

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