Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mission: Dragon Chow Dice Bag for @WilW

About seven hours ago Wil Wheaton tweeted "I'd like to test the theory that you can't have too many dice. If I see you at #GenCon, would you give me one gaming die?" Don't know about you but my first thought was, "Dude, you are going to end up with a LOT of dice."

Then it hit me. I just happen to know one of the best dice bag makers around and she will have HER dice bags at the G33Kmade booth at GenCon. Let's commit to getting at least one of @GeekyLyndsay's awesome Dragon Chow Dice Bags into Wil Wheaton's hands before the end of GenCon!

We need to get you kids together:

Wil "Batman" Wheaton
Dragon Chow Dice Bag


Dragon Chow Dice Bag
Wil "Happy Face" Wheaton (Clown Sweater)

1 comment:

  1. I was so in love with that man (boy?) about 15 years ago. ;)

    I still have fond memories.