Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Favor-ite Writers

If Scalzi can't promise that I will be smothered by adorable kittens and fluffy bunnies then I guess I just won't ever ask him for anything.

Actually, I'm kind of shocked that Scalzi got the reaction he did. I assume that he posted because somebody stepped over the line (thanks, whoever you are, for going and screwing it up for the rest of us). But it's obvious that he is as "in touch" with fans and budding authors as anyone ever has been, so a wag of my finger to those who are giving him a hard time. Yes, he can be a bit... hmmm, overbearing? Short? Touchy? Aggressive? But it doesn't take much reading of his blog to get the sense that yes, there is a grouchy bear side to him but he's also playful and interested in others.

I just want my kittens and bunnies.

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