Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Dog and His Weirdness

I've had a terrible cold all week, which means that I've been home wrapped up in blankets on the couch watching HGTV. With a cold I always crave orange juice. Now, I don't know about you, but I grew up with a lot of pets around so I have an unconscious list of things that are safe to set on a coffee table (i.e., close enough for an average sized dog to stick their nose in) and those things that are not safe. Based on the many dogs* I've lived with before, I had "glass of orange juice" on my safe list. Yeah. If you read my previous post you are way ahead of where I was as I set my glass down...

I was so slow, in fact, that I was a little curious as to why Herger was "sharking" the coffee table. He made a few passes that made the Jaws theme play in my head and I got as far as thinking, "Why in the...?" when it hit me. I had put what was the equivalent of a pork roast for any other dog right under his nose. Don't ask me why the fruit does it to him, it just does. We managed to make it through that mistake without incident, even though when I moved the glass he did throw the "but MOTHER!" eyes at me.

Tonight Daddy brought home a bag of oranges and Herger got two slices from the one we peeled so he thinks that sort of makes up for not getting his own bowl of juice. Maybe.

*Snoopy, Missy, Precious, Joe, Ginger, Tubby, Max, Bono, Arfur, Cassie, Jenny, Freya** & Tyr
** Freya had a similiar obsession... er, affection for ice

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