Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hmmm... This New Management Fad is Crazy Enough That it Just Might Work

I've been searching the intertubes looking for the cartoonist who drew this delightful cartoon about the "Just Do Your Fricking Job" management methodology. I love this cartoon and it captures a phrase that I have used often at work. (Wouldn't the whole world just run better if everyone would do their frickin' jobs?) Some have accused me of drawing it myself, but if I had I definitely wouldn't have signed it "Nick."

So where are you, Nick? Soogle must find you. At the very least you deserve credit and praise. And perhaps you have drawn other witty cartoons for me to frame and hang at my desk.

10/24/08 Update: Winterwolf has beat Soogle at her own game and found Nick's website! You can find more Nick Kim goodness at Lab initio. Does this mean that Winterwolf can now be called Woogle?

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