Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Had a Dream

Over the holidays my intention was that in the new year I would strike a better work/life balance and one of the indicators of that would be a commitment to daily updates on my blog. If you've already smirked let me tell you that you don't know the half of it. This was my first day off in 20 and today we had to put one of our dogs down. A member of our family, really, who was regularly called things like "Baby Girl." She was one of the few creatures I've ever met that was more audacious and stubborn than me. We were both in love with the same man, but managed to live together amicably for over fourteen years.

I hope all ya'll out in my part of the blogosphere are having good times. If I ever get this work/life balance thing figured out I'll spend more time with you.


  1. We're all sorry to hear about your loss, Sue. You're in our thoughts.

  2. No one's going to think less of you for real life getting in the way.

    Sorry about your loss.

  3. Sue, my heart goes out to you and your husband for the loss of your 'baby girl'. Take care of yourself.

  4. Thanks guys. I know you all have beloved pets and understand how much they can mean.