Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Thoughtful Quotes
Life is like a book waiting for you to write it.
The hardest battle you're ever gonna fight is the battle to just be you.
It's when we allow others to think for us, that the whole world suffers.
Your dream starts as soon as you wake up.
You already are a role model, the question is: what kind?
Always listen to your heart, because your head has too much to say.
If you fell and tripped over because you were relying on someone else's feet....then you've got to learn to climb back up with your own.
God made family to comfort--but he made friends to understand.
One day you will start to fly and you will never look back.
You have to accept the past to change the future.
The world is a messed up place, and to tell the truth, I like it that way.
Nothing lasts forever. So love what you have while you still have it.
Don't take anything for granted 'cause you never know when something will come to an end.
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