Thursday, November 3, 2005

Googlicious Bibliophile Fun

The media is reporting that Google has opened it's virtual library doors (BBC) with GooglePrint. Although this is great fun (search on your name and stuff, it's cool) don't forget that there are already some great online resources for just reading great works, such as the ProjectGutenberg and the Electronic Text Center.

Three cheers for easily accessible text!

But if publishers really think that this will keep us from buying paper books they don't know us very well. Sure, the nature of the market will change. But true bibliophiles have a love and respect for the printed page that is bred down deep in the bone. My husband and I are both the type to have multiple copies of a treasured book while still reading a copy on the laptop or PDA - both for the convenience and to keep the "nice" book from *gasp* getting damaged.

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