Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Complete Idiots Guide to Voting in Virginia

So Virginia has a pretty important election coming up in a couple of weeks. We're deciding if we want to continue to follow the leadership of the Democrats who, you know, have balanced our budget, increased jobs, and generally made things better in the state. Or not. You can probably guess how I'm going to vote. But the thing that bothers me is that I don't keep up with all the little details on who is running for what, or what party they are, and find myself a bit anxious (not to the point of doing research, mind you) by the time election day rolls around. It occurred to me that sending a little card out to citizens with the list of their democrat people to vote for, and a reminder of when to vote and where, would be very, very helpful. I assume that you could blanket an area based on the map, or you could solicit addresses for people who want this reminder service. Me, I want it. No issues, no hype, just a nice little list of "here's the Democrats" with my polling location, maybe a map, and the date/time I can vote. Maybe a nice reminder that voting is a right. I'd be happy to go to the Downtown Mall, etc. to get people to sign up, and they might even throw a few bucks in the donation jar to help cover their future mailings. Dems are nothing if not fair-minded.

I assumed that there must be a Virginia Democrats group who could do this sort of thing and merrily went a Googling. Yes, they exist. They even have a blog.

Now I just have to convince them that this subscription/reminder/mailer service is money well spent.

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