Saturday, October 16, 2004

Don't "Cross" Jon Stewart

If you haven't seen Jon Stewart on Crossfire you really need to. If he keeps this up we will all have to worship him as our Lord Savior of Journalistic Integrity. Can't you just imagine Walter Cronkite? "Thank God.... But how in the hell did that happen?"

It was definitely great watching Jon rip F Tucker Carlson a new one. In the past year I have had to swear off of TV news. The only thing that gets close to being news on my TV are The Daily Show and Real Time with Bill Maher. I get my real news online - blogs, foreign news sources, and some trusted online American papers.

How do people live on a steady diet of CNN or MSNBC, much less Fox News?? I don't understand. It's hard to believe that I miss Ted Turner, but CNN seemed to have so much more integrity when he owned it.

Oh, and when I watched the debates, I watched them on CBS instead of CSPAN (which is what I would usually do) because I am showing support after MemoGate. Reporting the correct information on the wrong piece of paper should not a scandal make. And they had the secretary herself on there before everyone got their panties in a twist. She said she did not type that letter, but that the information was factually correct. Wasn't that supposed to be the whole point??? THE INFORMATION????

And that's why we love Jon. He would be all over that. I think that Jon needs to have Dan Rather on his show so that they can commiserate over how everyone has lost sight of the real issues.

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