Monday, January 26, 2004

Oooooooh, my stomach hurts.

I just can't take the excitement before the day of the NH primary. Recent polls from both Zogby and SUSA have my man, Howard Dean, within 5 points of John "uuuuuuuuuh, friennnnnnnnd" Kerry and closing in. But the Iowa burn has left me shaken and unlike my colleague, CmdrSue, who feels that Howard will pull it out eventually in a 50-state contest, I'm fearing that anything less than a convincing second means the Doctor is toast.

I recently did some time at a Dean table down here in Virginia and was amazed by the positive response; people clamoring to vote for Dean, lots of bumper stickers given away, even those not supporting him saying he was getting hosed by the media. C'mon, people! Do you really want to deal w/Kerry for the next 6 months? My biggest fear is Kerry's going to seal the deal and become the Democratic nominee, only for voters to discover he's (as my brother humorously put it) "Lurch without the charm" just in time for Dubya to sober up and win the election.

We need Dean because he's the best shot we got to beat Bush. Simple as that. I just hope my stomach lining can take it.

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