Thursday, February 25, 2010

Your Week in Soogle 2/25/10

Nothing is more entertaining to us than finding out how people get here. There has been a sudden uptick of searches for "stuck thoughts" and today someone got here from New York using the exact phrase "thoughts that get stuck in my head." Ha!

The phrases "Which way did he go, George?" (Looney Toons) and "Ghost Hunters Fan Fiction" continue to be popular. With that strong convergence of cartoons and hauntings you'd expect we'd get far more hits for Scooby Doo. WHERE ARE YOU, SCOOBY DOO? There, hopefully that will help.

Rounding out the top searches and highlighting our nerdy, intellectual side were the numerous searches for "philosophy jokes," "origami statistics," and "creativity quotient" that landed here this week.

And last but not least, the anonymous viewer who spent five minutes reading about Colbert Fan Fiction? Come on, man, leave a comment or something! 

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