Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thoughts That Get Stuck in My Day of the Week

Does this blog post look a little familiar? Yes, it's time for a change to our lineup. Like so many things lately, this is coming a bit late to be considered a "New Year" change; but better late than never I always say. There are changes to Monday, Tuesday, and Friday while the rest of the week stays pretty much the same. The change I'm most excited about are the plans for Friday (yes, this is the requisite teaser to scroll down). Feedback is always appropriate so make comments.

MONDAY IS MOVIE DAY: Do you know what we do all weekend? Watch movies (and tv shows) that's what, so on Monday we'll be ready to tell you all about it. There will be old stuff, new stuff, borrowed stuff, and blue stuff. (Ok, we're a G-rated blog, it won't be very blue. Unless Stitch or the Genie from Aladdin count.)

TUESDAY IS COMEDY DAY: Do you love the comedy like we do? Just a few minutes ago we tromped out in the cold while reciting Steve Martin's bit about kitty handcuffs. Come by on Tuesdays to check out a funny video or song. Or if you can't remember a particular comedian or bit then maybe we can help you out.

WEDNESDAY IS WRITING DAY: It's still all about writing! Fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting, writers' blog roundups, and updates on our writing pursuits. Come sit at our round table, have some coffee or tea, and do your best Dorothy Parker impersonation.

THURSDAY IS TOYS DAY: A day for all sorts of geek interests like internet games, new toys from ThinkGeek, updates on the D&D campaign... that sort of thing. Also reports on other bloggers who have posted fun things on their blogs (so drop me a tweet, email, or comment when you have something good).

FRIDAY IS FRESH VOICES DAY: Extending the writing theme into another day where we will post interviews with aspiring authors under the theory "it is that which is nurtured that grows." Feel free to recommend Fresh Voices to be posted on the Twitter List or featured on the Thoughts.

SATURDAY IS POP DAY: Pop psychology (yes, we will try to contain all of the personality tests and pop psych ruminations on a day when you're not likely to come by, isn't that kind of us?), pop culture, and sometimes soda pop. If you like all this stuff as much as we do then come by and let's entertain each other.

SUNDAY IS GOD AND CHEESE DAY: We will explore deep thoughts on philosophy, spirituality, or if nothing else occurs to us - cheese, in a bit of an homage (fromage?) to G.K. Chesterton.


  1. I'll be interested to hear what movies you're currently watching and what you're writing.

  2. Right this minute? Just watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop (yes, totally learned to embrace that mainstream thing) and writing the questions for the Fresh Voices interview segments.

    How about you? What movies are you watching and what are you writing other than your blog? Saw somewhere in your comments that you think you might dip your toe back into the Writer role.