Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dear Advertisers

Having your ads blare out of my TV at two to three times the volume of the show I'm watching does not endear you to me. When you're annoying enough I write you on my list of Things-I-Will-Never-Buy. The list is getting very long.

Please stop it.

Sue London


  1. I've gone one step further and have simply stopped buying cable, replacing TV with a cheap Netflix subscription.

  2. I have two friends who keep bouncing back and forth, six months with just Netflix and then they start jonesing for cable, then they get cable and after six months they're sick of it...

    Right this second we're watching season two of the Sarah Conner Chronicles. So I guess today could be a no-cable day. But since I don't have hi-speed internet at home how would I watch my boys (Stewart and Colbert)?