Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes

As I mentioned in a previous post, I don't much go for all those regular girlie things like shoes and handbags. This week marks a solemn occassion because I have spent more than ever before on a pair of shoes. $85. I know, if I were a "Sex in the City" girl that would be like one shoe. Maybe. On sale.

But I am definitely NOT a "Sex in the City" girl. So what bit of footwear convinced me to pay about $50-70 more than I normally would? (Yes, you have no idea how cheap I can be.) Was it Jimmy Choo or some other sexy, hip modern designer? Oh hellll no. You can't seduce me with strappy, saucy, high-heeled goodness. The sweet nothings that had to be whispered in my ear were "gore-tex uppers" and "vibram soles." Yeah, baby, I got myself a pair of Merrell hiking boots.

I picked up my last pair of hiking boots at an outlet store for $15. (Nice ones, original retail $75.) The most I've ever paid for hiking boots before was $50 (on sale, of course). For "work shoes" (category of flats, heels, boots, etc) I think my top dollar purchase has been $40. In my mind, if life were fair I would be able to live in Converse High Tops. But life, she is not fair, eh?

So how much have YOU ever paid for a pair of shoes? Be honest, this is for posterity...

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