Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Have Needs

Remember the Google game "[Name] is"? Well this is "[Name] needs."
Sue needs to look at getting back in step with us if she wants to stay and participate as a full member of the Liberal party [ed. Ouch!]

Sue needs an outhouse where electrical items can be stored


Sue needs to back to school to learn the basics of What Not to Wear [ed. Ouch!]

Sue needs occasional prompting when reading

Sue needs to be rocked

Sue needs developers

Sue needs help!

Sue needs a good avatar

Sue needs YOU to sell our city

Come on, Scoops, you know you wanna... Tip o' the hat to Deb Land, who I found via Wendi Aarons, who I found because she authored this wicked awesome open letter to P&G over their stupid Always brand "Have a Happy Period" marketing.

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