Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tête de Moine ~ Monk's Head Cheese

In celebration of Sunday being God and Cheese day I thought I would share the perfect God and Cheese cheese: Tête de Moine from Switzerland. It is also a great geek cheese since it requires it's own tool - the Girolle. An article about Tête de Moine and its Girolle has this to say:
It has quite a strong, sharp flavor and aroma that has been described variously as “spicy,” “nutty” (or “almond-like”), “fruity,” and even “beefy”... In any case, it is generally regarded as the strongest Swiss cheese, and it contrasts nicely with milder varieties like Emmenthal and Gruyère. Tête de Moine is often served with fruit or fresh French bread, or simply as a decorative yet edible garnish for a cheese platter.

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