Sunday, December 9, 2007

U. S. Err

Hopefully my travel days for the year have come to an end. This morning, after landing on the East Coast on a red-eye flight, I got caught in the fog blanketing the southeast and my connection got canceled. I didn't suffer any ill effects personally, other than having my three hour layover stretch into six hours - but there was no helping that. Half of the morning had been lost to the fog and the airports were scrambling to get things back in order. They actually rebooked my connection into an airport closer to home (less than ten miles to my front door). My Irish luck knows no bounds.*

All of that time in the layover, though, gave me an opportunity to hear about the trials and tribulations being suffered by my fellow travelers. And there were some doozies. Canceled flights had abounded the day before and the airlines hadn't covered hotels or anything. And now here they were with a morning of cancelations and changes. Yikes.

*I hadn't mentioned it before, but on the outgoing flight I had been TOO LATE to check in for the first time in my life. I'm usually two hours early. Without complaint or charge they rebooked me into a flight leaving a half hour later - and whose connection landed five minutes earlier. Three flights were supposed to dump luggage onto the same conveyor and my bag was literally the first one down the chute.

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