Monday, December 10, 2007

Tribute to the Rules of Bureaucracy: Episode Two

Before clicking, please note that some rules are in the same post and some rules have changed. Rule #7 does not appear to have an originating post. If you have problems with that, return to the Zeroth law. If you still want to file a complaint, fill it out in triplicate and bury it in your backyard. We'll get back to you.

Rule #6
(and Redux): "Politics is the enemy of good government."
Rule #7: "The biggest detriment to public service is the public."
Rule #8: - "The second biggest detriment to public service is the service."
Rule #9: "There's a reason; there's ALWAYS a reason."
Rule #10: "The Law is a harsh mistress: The rigorous and exacting application of which can benefit of society when used correctly to advance good policy and block bad, and be the bane of society when used incorrectly to advance bad policy and block good."

Special note: when I googled rule #7 to see if I could find a full post about it I got the following bloggers commenting on it.

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