Wednesday, December 19, 2007

They No Write So Good?

I had recently been turned on to Nick Mamatas' Journal by Scalzi. As well as being a writer, and writing teacher, Nick is the editor at Clarkesworld Magazine. I get the distinct impression that the majority of people who aspire to publication... shouldn't. He isn't the first editor I've read commentary from who borders on complete exasperation over the basic incompetence of the majority of submissions, but he is the most recent. And potentially the most amusing. His tone makes me feel like he is sharing these insights over a drink at a dinner party.

After teaching a class of high school girls in the Young Adult Writer Program he writes:
The last exercises generated renovated fairy stories approximately 4856394562 times better than the usual retellings I get for Clarkesworld in the slush.
In the Clarkesworld submission guidelines:
A cover letter is what you wear and how you groom yourself for a job interview. It is your first impression.

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