Saturday, December 8, 2007

Soogle Researches Holiday Poetry

12/14 Update: This post has been popular enough I thought I'd better find the audio clip. It's on this page in Real Audio format.

Someone came to the Thoughts last night with an interesting search term: Harry Harrison holiday poem "may you always." Well dang, I thought, I didn't know that one of my favorite humorous science fiction authors had written a holiday poem. How interesting.

Turns out he didn't.

However, there is a disc jockey named Harry Harrison that recorded one - at New York's WCBS FM101.1 when it was an Oldies Station a few years back. Attribution at the bottom of the official copy cites Larry Marks and Dick Charles as the actual writers. I found the text of May You Always but since they revamped the WCBS website in their change to "New York's Greatest Hits" I can't track down the audio. Most of the articles and blog posts about the poem date back to 2004 and the links are dead. Based on the adoration of his fans I have to assume that if we can find the recording it will be tantamount to Baz Luhrmann's reciting of Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) (VH1 video).

To give you a taste of the piece so you will know whether to click on that link up there:
As the holiday bells ring out the old year, and sweethearts kiss,
And cold hands touch and warm each other against the year ahead,
May I wish you not the biggest and best of life,
But the small pleasures that make living worthwhile.

Sometime during the New Year, to keep your heart in practice,
May you do someone a secret good deed and not get caught at it.
May you find a little island of time to read that book and write that letter
And to visit that lonely friend on the other side of town.

May your next do-it-yourself project not look like you did it yourself...
If you want the rest, follow the link.

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