Monday, October 29, 2007

Top Posts

I've tried to figure out what pattern I can make of these, the top posts visited on TTGSiMH. Are you ready?
  • Which Way Did He Go, George? People aren't going there to read my snarky political comment, they're looking for the links to the wav file and YouTube video that I provide. (Fortunately for them, I figured out why they were showing up on TTGSiMH and added those links later.)
  • Jon's "Flaming Bag of Poop" Show I get a disturbing number of hits for this one. Whatever it is they are looking for, I doubt they find it and I don't think that I want to provide it...
  • Thoughts That Get Stuck A fairly recent entry that I posted when I realized how many people showed up here looking for help with obsessive/compulsive issues (because of the title of the blog). It seems to be catching quite a bit of that traffic now. I hope that this reference helps them out a bit... and saves them from reading about Looney Tunes or Flaming Bags of Poop when what they really want is some help.
  • What's It Like To Be An INFP? Originally a comment on someone else's site, this one seems to be the most favorite hit of the INFP related posts.
  • Hyper-Intelligent Shade of the Color Blue This started out as a review of the chat tool Trillian but so many people came looking for the Hooloovoo that I had to add some details and links at the bottom. I love you, all you Douglas Adams fans! You really know where your towels are at.
So, lesseee.... I can specialize in humor/psychology? Well, that actually might be a lot of fun.

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  1. Right after I posted this I popped over to check out Dilbert Blog for the day, and it turns out that Scott Adam's posted a truism that speaks to what I just did. “Your customers tell you what business you are in.” Heh. Flaming bags of poop. Great.