Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fickle Writer

Last night I went searching for Subspace Eddy to see if she might be writing something interesting out in the blogosphere while ignoring her old blog The Bean Mines and found that she had a Ficlets profile. AND SHE HASN'T WRITTEN ANY FICLETS! HELLO! SUBSPACE! GET ON IT, WILL YOU?

Meanwhile, I signed up for my own Ficlets account and promptly started typing up stuff. If you haven't heard of Ficlets, it's a little forum where you are limited to the range of 64 to 1,024 characters for each thing you write - just enough for a scene or a VERY short story. But you can sequel or prequel ficlets, including your own. The fun starts when different people take a story through various scenes by doing sequels. You never know where the story might go. There also seem to be quite a few challenges afoot, which reminds me of my old OWW SFF days.

For now I've put my ficlets RSS feed on the top right of the blog so you can check it out. But, being the fickle writer that I am don't expect me to stick with it for too long. Obviously sawing wood is what I was intended for...

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