Thursday, August 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Kevin Smith

37 is Kevin Smith's favorite number and today is Kevin's 37th birthday. Cool. Maybe today he gets his Jedi powers.

I love Dogma. Even more I love his story about hearing that there were protesters for the movie in his town when it opened so he made a poster and went out to join them.

And now a note from Silent Bob:


  1. Maybe he'll get some directing skills for his birthday... ;)

    Just kidding, I love the guy, he cracks me up...

    Actually, I'm not kidding about the directing. Man, he's not a good director.

  2. Did you watch the video from ComiCon where someone asked him if he was ever going to direct a movie that didn't suck? You can get to it from Forever Geek.

  3. Evil Spock saw that viddy! He ripped that guy a new one.

    Favorite movie is still Mallrats.

  4. Dogma is an awesome movie! But with the exception of Mall Rats, there isn't a film he's made that I don't enjoy.

  5. The rest of Kevin Smith's movies are just okay in my book, but Dogma was inspired.

    -- pam