Thursday, July 5, 2007

Random Horoscope

I picked up the link to the Horoscope Generator over at beancounters. I found his layout a bit odd - a generic horoscope usually has Aries in the first house, but this has the rising line oriented at about 15 degrees Sagittarius - but the graphic is cute and the idea is fun.

Full disclosure, I clicked on Scorpio:

Give up on your dream of being a master debater. • Wash your hands more often. • Your favorite aunt is actually your favorite uncle. • Your favorite cousin wants to sleep with you.

Three out of four things seem on target. I bet that made you curious...


  1. I'm a scorpio too. I hope my cousin is hot.

  2. Well, the whole "Evil Spock taking over the world" thing just snapped into focus. My sister says that all of us Scorpios have that dream. Taureans, however, have the higher rate of actually becoming dictators.