Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Humor Me

Over at the Dilbert Blog Scott Adams has started a conversation about the subjectivity of humor. He shows two comic strips - one that he doesn't particularly like but that got a huge reaction of emails, and another that he loves but no one reacted to. He asks at the end of his post "Which comic did you like best?" My comment:
I didn't care for either one even though I "got" both of them.

Maybe we should work on creating some useful comic strip reader categories. Then I can know to only read stuff that falls into my category.

Examples of the ones I found incredibly funny, and this is just stuff I have at hand, not a full Dilbert archive analysis:

Wally: "One day I realized that sadness is just another word for not enough coffee." (This is one of the reasons I say that Wally is my Yoda.)

Dilbert: "Try giving up hope. It turns the bad feelings into emptiness."

Dilbert: "Ed is an Unreachable." (God, I want to be Ed...)

Dilbert: "You haven't given me enough resources to do my project." Boss: "That's because your project isn't important and neither are you." Dilbert: "This took an ugly turn." (Yep...)

Asok: "I need your comments on this before I submit it." Boss: "Just leave it here and hope I become the sort of boss who gets around to doing that sort of thing."

So what would you say my category is? Cynic?
What category of humor do you have? And does Dilbert hit it for you? If not, what does?

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