Thursday, January 4, 2007

Are We Having Fun Yet?

My NeoPet Leilani has been doing better since I figured out that I can check her into a hotel and they will feed her and groom her and otherwise keep her happy and healthy. Leilani and I have been investing in the NeoMarket and playing NeoQuest. We've also put in the first room in our NeoHome and started to decorate. Apparently the recent activity has paid off because while checking pages for this post Leilani went up to level 2 even though she hasn't entered the Battledome. (She cries if she can't get the book she wants, how could I send her into battle?) Like many of the fun online things I do, I picked up the link to NeoPets from Pam at Beancounters.

The quiz for the week is from Tom Hilton at If I Ran the Zoo, the Which Personality Quiz are You? Quiz.

You scored as Which Personality Quiz Are You?. While most people have a personality, you have a meta-personality. You live a life of ironic detachment, self-conscious and self-mocking. You maintain your sanity by being more amused than aghast at the absurdities people are willing to believe.

Which Personality Quiz Are You?


Which Serenity Character Are You?


Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You?


Which Sports Car Are You?


Which City Are You?


Which Personality Quiz Are You?
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  1. I sent all four of my neopets to the spa during finals week. Weirdly, it helped me concentrate. For obvious reasons, I can't share this on my own blog. Your discretion is appreciated.