Saturday, December 16, 2006

TTGSiMH Opinion Poll

I'm thinking about trying this whole new direction with my blog where I, you know, actually make some real posts. Even without much attention ye olde TTGSIMH continues to get 20+ hits per day. Thank ya'll for coming by. Now you can express your opinion on what you should be finding when you stop in. You can actually vote once a day so your insistence will be noted.

Which direction should I take with my blog?
Start that Colbert Fan Fiction!
Stay with the personality tests. They're working for you. Really.
Go back to progressive politics.
Try out humorous 'slice of life' essays.
A mix of everything above, but sheesh - post a little more often!
Something else, which I posted in the comments.
Free polls from

Tip o' the hat to Evil Spock for finding
(Originally posted 12/7/06 11:24PM, moved to the top.)


  1. I haven't taken the poll yet, I just wanted to see if you've seen this:,72263-0.html

  2. Thanks for dropping me the link! I got it in an email from Nevsky and my first thought was, "Funny, this is the sort of thing I would have expected to get from the sixthdoctor." And now I have!

    Meanwhile, I'm excited that the Firefly universe lives on. They have done the impossible, and that makes them mighty.

    I have no doubt that Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion will be two of the first people to snatch up copies. I'd be surprised if they aren't bugging the developers for a copy to test right now...

  3. Thanks for the tip o' the hat cmdrsue, but I have to give you the wag of the finger for not visiting my site enough!

  4. Hi cmdrsue!

    I hope you didn't take my slight against the Irish seriously, it was only in jest.

    I actually hate the Scots.