Thursday, July 13, 2006

Geek vs. Dork

Years ago I stayed up late waiting for a friend to show up who was running very late and Conan O'Brien was the only thing on. It was an early show when Conan was at his dorkiest. I swear, he would have made Napoleon Dynomite look like the cool kid. I felt like brain cells marched like lemmings out of my ears. I was pissed. When the friend showed up I whipped the door open and announced, "I WATCH CONAN O'BRIEN FOR NO MAN!!"

Well, tonight I watched Conan O'Brien for Stephen Colbert. And it was worth it. It was also an entertaining exercise in comparing geek vs. dork.

More specifically I think it was a 30th level Geek with a +5 Wit of Striking vs. a 20th level Dork using +12 Hair of Distraction. But let me address these next few statements to Mr. Colbert himself. Stephen, I know that Conan's audience was quieter than a room full of Washington Correspondents, but come on - they PURPOSEFULLY WATCH CONAN O'BRIEN. Of course they are not your people. You should know, Stephen, that we were screaming and cheering at home. We get the D&D references, we're jealous that you went to GenCon (we haven't yet), and in our tribe the more you know about Tolkien the COOLER you are. Heck, if it wasn't 2 in the morning on a work night I'd get out the LOTR dvds to see if your name is in the credits.

By the way, Stephen, I'm about to start the first paladin I've played in over 20 years. If you have any advice you can leave it in the comments or drop me a line at

p.s. Don't forget about the celebrity D&D thing. We totally need to do that. Call me.

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