Friday, March 31, 2006

Reader to Reader

I spent some time surfing the Mensa websites and found this cool charity called Reader to Reader.

Reader To Reader, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to bringing books, free of charge, to needy school libraries across the United States. It is our belief that books have a singular power to inspire and change people’s lives.

The need for books is critical, because 60% of underprivileged children do not own a single book. This makes a well-stocked school library a critical resource hub that is a necessity not a luxury. Thankfully, a simple solution lies at hand with the millions of books that are routinely discarded on an annual basis. The solution is to efficiently collect and distribute these books to needy school libraries where they can educate and inspire generations of readers.

They are also doing a Hurricane Katrina book drive.


  1. Books open universes.

    Sorry I've been absent. We had our little grey kitty pass away suddenly two Fridays ago. There was no warning, no sign that something was wrong...we just came home from dinner and she was...gone...

    Her favorite hang out was the computer room. It's made it hard for me to want to sit on the computer until recently. It's still hard, but I don't burst into tears that she's not here so much. Granted, it hurts most horribly, but I'm doing better...

  2. I'm sorry Lisa! Pet loss trauma can be terrible.