Friday, December 16, 2005

You Get What You Pay For? Not So Much

I was just last night considering signing up for TypePad since I like their layouts and don't seem to have the html skills to emulate them here. But when I got to the part where I saw it was around $4 a month for the lowest cost blog I said, "To hell with you!"

I considered it for a few moments because, as you know, Blogger can get, well, bloggered. (When your brand name turns into a descriptive term of your product screwing up, it's a bit of a sign.) Perhaps I could avoid being bloggered, I thought. But I didn't sign up because free is such a great price, even if I get bloggered from time to time.

Then today I noticed that some typepad blogs I visit weren't working right. Then Shake's Sis pointed us over to Typepad Refugees because the whole typepad system is... bloggered? That doesn't sound right. But it's definitely screwed up.

Sure, here at Blogger I might get what I pay for. But it's better than paying AND getting screwed.

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