Thursday, December 22, 2005

Liberal DNA

I can't entirely recommend the Neuropolitics quiz since it seems a bit... intrusive in some of the questions. But Neuropolitics has an interesting idea, "understanding the biological basis of political behavior." These were my results:
  • You are focused on social inequity in your daily life.
  • You have a higher tolerance for ambiguous reality models.
  • You are more likely to weight alpha behaviors in your social ranking analysis.
  • Your moral system is highly based on greatest good or utilitarian principles.
  • You have a lower than average desire for social interaction.
  • You have a right hemispheric orientation in how your regulate your behavior in society.
  • You have elevated spatial analysis skills.
  • You exhibit an elevation in awareness of social ranking.
  • Your communication preferences strongly favor your auditory cortex over your visual cortex.
  • You exhibit an independent nature and are not likely to follow social conventions.
I can't entirely agree with their conclusions since they conflict with my knowledge of myself (I am so, so, SOOO not auditory) and also with other "insightful" tests I have taken. But hey, it's fun.

Hat tip to Adam Dray for the link.
Update 11:14pm
I got curious about this idea of linking political inclination to genetics and went googling. Apparently I missed a very important article that lit the blogosphere on fire. Maybe I was out that week. But if you would like to read more you can check out this article about John Hibbing. It makes a certain amount of sense to me. Absolutists vs. Contextualists. I'm defintely a contextualist.

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