Monday, November 21, 2005

Violence in (Home)School

I thought it was worth noting that this tragic story of teens murdering parents had an unusual twist.
"Neighbors say the two teens met at a support group for home-schooled

Ah, so teen violence has definitely hit the fundy set. Ok, I don't know that they're fundy, but I can strongly suspect based on these tidbits:
"Kara [is] in the care of relatives and church members...She regularly attended
youth group meetings and got along well with her sister, said Kevin Eshleman,
executive pastor of Ephrata Community Church. "In my mind, that generally
indicates that things are going OK at home," Eshleman said."

I'm sorry that the parents were murdered and I don't blame their fundy religion even though I'd like to. (I think it's dark-sided. With Gargyles.) Bad people are everywhere and they use whatever is at hand to fuel their insane tendencies. There was obviously something badly wrong with those kids and it's too bad no one sensed it before it was too late.